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The Tropical Nomad

The Tropical Nomad is a location independent travel and lifestyle blog dedicated to creative nomads. Stemming from author Hasina’s nomadic spirit, passion for storytelling and quest for meaning, The Tropical Nomad aims to inspire adventurers around the world to follow their creative passions and live more authentically. By sharing stories of her own personal journey, portraits of inspiring people met on the road, and beautiful photography, The Tropical Nomad provides a captivating insight into the life of global creative communities, places and cultures.

My Story

Hi! My name is Hasina a.k.a The Tropical Nomad. If you would ask me when I caught the travel bug, I would say that it has always been with me. I was born on the island of Madagascar and brought up in Paris. Being exposed to a Malagasy culture at home and a European culture outside has been simultaneously the most enriching and yet the most challenging experience that has defined me from an early age.

It has taught me to adapt and hold my own in a variety of places and social settings, and easily make friends from around the world. Yet it has also left me often feeling unsettled, yearning to find myself and my life purpose.

Travel has always seem to be the key that unlocked all the answers and I got my first taste of living abroad a few years back when I moved from London to Singapore. There I got fascinated by Asia and its mix of traditional culture with cutting-edge innovation. I mingled with a community of expats who were designing a life away from the conventional set, at least for a few years until they went back home. I started an independent fashion label and loved every minute of running my own business as well as being free to express myself creatively. However, keeping up with the brand at that time proved too challenging and after 3 years I decided to move back to London.

Reunited with my friends, a corporate job in hand and a constant stream of social events, I quickly settled back into big city life. And then I felt seriously sick… Through the long road to recovery, I realised two things: how I lived wasn’t making me happy or fulfilled but that I also had a second chance to reconnect with my passions and find my purpose.

So two years ago I packed my bag and embarked on a trip to Bali. What was supposed to be a month-long adventure turned into a new way of life and I admit all the Eat Pray Love clichés that came with it. Here I met an inspiring community of travellers making a living through their passions, living with conscience and purpose. I also have a direct insight into the local communities, and how they rise up to the challenges and changes brought by tourism, while striving to preserve their culture.

Every day, I am inspired by all these stories and this is how The Tropical Nomad was born: stories of self-discovery and living fully, through exploring new places, embracing different cultures and meeting inspiring people… hopefully inspiring you too along the way!