Sri Lanka is one of these countries that feel simultaneously full of vibrancy and yet incredibly nostalgic. Taking a stroll through the cobblestoned streets of Galle, I felt like stepping into a visual dream, with bursts of colours and reminders of a strong cultural heritage popping at each corner…

Galle is a fortified city, located on the South-western tip of Sri Lanka. Built by the Portuguese around the 16th Century, it was under the Dutch colonial period that the town reached its peak. Arab, Chinese and European traders converged to its port as one of Silk Route’ s main hub. Today the hustle and bustle of the colonial era seems to have quieten and the old town of Galle assumes a more leisurely pace. Its exotic appeal remains nonetheless strong and an artistic scene has emerged with hip cafes and stylish boutiques popping up among the colonial buildings. With its imposing and romantic lighthouse in the backdrop, Galle is a seductive town you would want to be lost in…

A man polishing stones in Galle Sri Lanka


A veiled woman walks along a wall in the town of in Galle Sri Lanka

A picture of an old church in the streets of Galle Sri Lanka

A beautiful woman posing in front of a colonial building in the town of Galle Sri Lanka

A group of men playing football in the afternoon in the town of Galle Sri Lanka


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